TAV2 30 Series Torque Converter Combo + 7.5hp Engine

RRP $398 Inc GST
Go Kart

This is Rato Australia’s Go Kart Torque Converter COMBO - TAV2 30 Series & RATO Australia's 7.5hp Engine package deal.

Looking to get the most performance out of your go kart? On or off road, the TAV2 Torque Converter is the way to go… very popular amongst the go-kart fanatics and also suitable for Mini-bikes.

This is brand new Rato Australia’s 7hp Engine and the complete set of Torque Converter Combo - comes with all parts necessary to fit it to your go kart or buggy. Once fitted, you will get a large improvement in performance due to lower gearing for acceleration and higher gearing for top speed… and it’s completely automatic!

Our TAV2 Torque Converter 30 Series Combo is compatible with almost all go-karts, and mini bikes. These kits are pretty simple to fit and don’t need any special tools.This torque converter will help you get more acceleration & top speed – make a big difference in performance.

The TAV2 Torque Converter COMBO includes: 1x R225 Engine, 1 set Driver Unit, 1 set Driven Unit, 1pc V-Belt, 1set Driven Shaft & Gear, 1pc Side Retainer Plate, 1pc Torque Converter Cover and all necessary nuts, bolts, and washers to mountAmple supplies of spare parts so if you need something, we have it.