2HP50 2" Fire Pump - Twin Impeller Pump Body with Frame

RRP $159 Inc GST
Pump Bodies

This is a standard 2" Fire Pump wet end for P-Type (threaded) engines that comes with frame, designed and manufactured for fire fighting and general water pumping duties. This high pressure pump body is purpose built for heavy duty industrial applications. For a pump that truly exceeds your expectations, you can’t choose better pump bodies and pair it with heavy duty Rato Engine.

This pump body kit contains complete pump unit with frame and additional fitting kit including seals, filter cover, pipe joints & hose clips. All Rato products are covered by a fast exchange 1 year warranty.

Pump Type Fire Pump Body - Twin Impeller
Matching Engine 6.5hp engine to 7.5hp engine (Threaded Shaft)
Engine Type R200/ R210/ R225 (P-Type)
Outlet Size 50mm
Inlet Size 50mm
Maximum Flow 18000L/Hr @ 3600rpm
Max Total Head 80m @ 3800rpm
Suction Head 7m